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Our book offers a fresh perspective on education, providing insights and resources to help you create effective Indigenous-led programs that are relevant to the lives, identities, and cultures of your students. Whether you're a teacher, school administrator, or part of a community, Tribal, or government agency, our book provides practical tips and real-world solutions to help you create successful programs that meet the needs of Indigenous students and community.

This book offers a holistic approach to education, with valuable insights that can also benefit professionals in mental and physical health fields. Its interdisciplinary nature makes it a valuable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Get your copy of our book at a discounted price of $120, shipping included, by pre-ordering now in the United States. After pre-order, the book price will increase. For Canadian customers, we currently offer bulk orders only. For bulk orders from the U.S., reach out to us for possible discounts. For inquiries, please email us at

"Healing Our People through Education (HOPE) - Indigenous Reconciliation Education Model" is a comprehensive guide to building educational systems from an Indigenous culture-first perspective. The book provides valuable insights on the neurobiology of culture, the impact of trauma on communities and educational outcomes, and how Tribal culture can heal trauma. It focuses on Indigenous values in education, learning themes, teaching methodologies, and specific learning outcomes, providing a framework for Tribes and Indigenous Communities to develop their own educational systems for genuine educational sovereignty.

Description: 8.5 x11" portrait, 400 plus pages, full color with graphics.

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