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Swan Innovations LP

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Vision Statement


At Swan Innovations we envision Cultural Vitality and overall good health for Indigenous people and Tribal communities.

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Mission Statement

Swan Innovations offers unique and transformational experiences for Indigenous communities, and those who serve them, by providing innovative training and creative health and wellness content aligned with Indigenous values and worldview.

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Guiding Principles

Swan Innovations recognize that this is sacred work and we engage with traditional knowledge and the community in a reverent way. 


Meet the Team


Dr. Martina Whelshula


People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. For the past 30 years I have worked toward healing from Intergenerational Trauma for Indigenous communities.

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Cree Whelshula


I strive to deliver all my content in a fun and engaging way.  Language revitalization has been my life path since childhood.  Emotional, spiritual, and mental health is also a passion of mine and I work toward interweaving all these areas to work towards healthy Indigenous communities.




Cree is an engaging instructor with an array of knowledge in everything from Early Childhood, to culture, to computer tech resources and of course language. 


So grateful to be offered this training as a beginner. Cree is inspiring and she makes Nsyilxcen learning simple. I love that. I also love the technical stuff as I studied that in school. Lim limpt for sharing this knowledge.


Cree does not talk down to anyone, there are no bad questions, and she makes it feel like an open and safe environment. While making language learning realistic, she gives me a fresh dose of motivation and excitement to keep learning. 


I found this course to give me inspiration to continue to learn the language. It was encouraging and motivational. I made me better understand other methods of learning. 


Loved the energy. Loved the variety of resources. Felt seen and understood in the struggles of reclaiming a language. limlempt for your determination and commitment to language reclamation.


I am so impressed and in awe of folks like yourselves who share all this. You are a true language warrior. These actions ripple and inspire those around you.


Appreciate the wealth of experience so willingly shared. A practical path to move language learning forward for each of us, well organised outside the class room and designed to keep our efforts going. 

"I took Martina’s training hoping to learn more about intergenerational trauma and how it has effected Native American youth. My expectations were exceeded. Not only did we learn about the effects of intergenerational trauma, we learned various real-world interventions we could use. This course was also an excellent introduction in Native American culture and will help me to provide the most culturally competent services that I can. I would recommend this training to anyone who works with Native American youth, in any capacity, counselors, coaches, teachers, medical professionals and other service providers should definitely take this training!"        Heather R. Post, MA

About Us


Welcome to Swan Innovations LP, your source for consulting and training serving Native American children, families, communities, and partners. Swan Innovations LP is dedicated to providing you the very best training videos, curriculum, and other resources with an emphasis on intergenerational trauma impacting Native Americans, Indigenous language and culture trainings, and a wide variety of cultural resources.


Mother/Daughter cultural consultants and training duo Martina and Cree Whelshula have pulled their collective knowledge and experience together in one location. Daughter Cree, a national Indigenous language/culture specialist, and mom Martina, a national consultant/trainer own a consultant business with a mission to offer unique and transformational experiences for Indigenous communities, and those who serve them, by providing innovative training and creative health and wellness content aligned with Indigenous values and worldview. 


When Martina and Cree first started out, their passion for generational healing and social innovations drove them to start their own business.


Swan Innovations LP hopes you enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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We are pleased to announce our newest paper published "Native Populations and the opioid crisis: forging a path to recovery" in the Journal of Environment Systems and Decisions. I'm most excited by the fact that it has been published on the US Government's website: The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It has been an honor to work with Margo Hill, Stephanie Galaitsi, Benjamin Trump, Emerson Mahoney, Avi Mersky, Kelsey Poinsatte-Jones and Igor Linkov. Congratulations to the team! Martina Whelshula


Social Innovation: Developing Products and Services to Better Serve a Diverse Society

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